Event Photography

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Senior Pictures

Lets be honest parents and seniors, the final year in high school is jam pact with events that can be quite stressful at times.  So many deadlines, senior pictures, college applications, sports, prom, banquets, the list goes on and on. 

 All of our pictures are truly unique and tailored to your senior!  We pride our selves on capturing  the true expression and the life in peoples eyes that show the youthful spirit and maturity of your senior.  

We would love to discuss clothing, locations, expectations  and truly get to know your senior, incorporating their talents, hobbies, and passions into pictures that convey this once in a lifetime transition.  Providing you with a memory that you will cherish for ever.

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As a team Kelly and I provide a unique service, not only do we photograph your ceremony we are able to capture the cherished  moments  behind the scenes!  As male and female team we pair off with the bride and groom are able to take those special shots what most single photographers miss.

Kelly is with the groom and is able to capture the memory’s of the future father-in-aw in a deep heartfelt “welcome to the family, i am honored to call you son”. hug.    The best man and groom kicking back having a cigar.  And all the other shenanigans that his boys will play on him.

I will have the honor to be with the bride, this your day and all attention is on you!!  I also know in all the hustle and bustle of getting ready there are a lot of moments that the bride misses out on.  The flower girl sleeping, grandma pinning something borrowed on to your dress.  Mom holding back the tears watching her baby girl get ready for her big day.

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Corporate Headshots

If your looking for a corporate headshot that is not just a black and white but fits your personality with your career. Let us show you how a creative eye will make a better first impression.

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 With the world of photography today what a wonderful time to find out your pregnant!!   Maternity photos capture the radiant glow.   There a a million ways to tell your significant  other, seeing the excitement (or tears) of siblings when they find out the big news!  Lets be creative in capturing these moments,  

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